Friday, September 24, 2010

Shakeology 3-Day Cleanse

Sorry its been so long since I’ve posted anything but now I have something I really want to share with you. I HAVE FINALLY REACHED MY WEIGHT LOSS GOAL OF 190lbs AND SURPASSED THAT BY 11 POUNDS!

If you have been following me or know about my weight loss story you may know that I started my journey at just over 210 pounds. I’m 5'11" So that puts me right about 30 pounds over weight and way too close to the obese area of the BMI scale. (WOW that’s scary I never really thought of that) Now on to Shakeology. I started Shakeology on my birthday September 7, 2010. Without changing my diet I dropped 7 pounds in 11 days. I just simply started drinking one shake a day with ice and some added fruit. Again my goal when starting out on P90X was to only 5 maybe 10 pounds. I was able to get down to 195 with P90X but I was still missing a part of my workout that I felt P90X wasn’t doing for me. This is where Insanity comes in. With Insanity and better eating habits I was able to achieve my goal of 190 in the first month and surpassed that! If your counting that is over 15 pounds in one month! (yes I used my fingers to count that out)

I started the cleanse at 187.1. That weigh-in was in the middle of the day about an hour and a half after eating lunch and 45 minutes after drinking about 24oz of Shakeology. So minus about 2-3 pounds of that added weight it would be somewhere around 185ish. Today is the third day and I have cheated to see how much I’ve lost so far and the scale read 179.2!!! that is roughly 6 pounds down in just 2 days!

A little bit about how I have felt during the cleanse:
Day one:
I didn’t have a headache like some people do. I have stopped drinking Dr.Pepper before the cleanse so the loss of caffeine did not affect me like others who are use to drinking sodas or other drinks with caffeine in them. So that was good. Towards the end of the day I felt sluggish and kind of dizzy, but not too bad. That was mainly because I ate supper early since we went to the county fair. (for supper I had a salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette and a salmon filet) Talking about learning how not to fall into temptation. Nothing solid but a salad with salmon and all of that good smelling fair food. Everything was calling out my name! But I did not give in.

Day two:
Was easier. I had more energy and I looked forward to drinking the shakes. In fact it felt much like I regular day. No dizziness, no hunger attacks and I had a lot more energy. It still felt as if Chik-fil-A was calling out my name as we drove by. However I really think that wanting to eat the food was more of a habit than actually being hungry.

Day Three:
Has much easier than day 2 and doesn’t even compare to day one. Even though the 2nd day felt like a normal day, the 3rd day is feeling like I could do this everyday for the rest of my life. Even though it is my wife and I's anniversary (and yes we are going out to eat) I do not have the desire to break the cleanse. I’m actually looking forward to going out to eat and eating just a salad. Now I only have about 4 packages left =..( but something tells me that I will be okay.

About the cleanse:
The cleanse is designed to, well basically clean out your body of all the bad stuff. Its like P90X for your organs. Its great to break through a plateau or just loose those stubborn last few pounds. Unlike other cleanses the Shakeology cleanse is very forgiving in the fact that it is only meant for no more than 3 days. You can have some fruit between your meals to help carry you in between them if you need the extra calories. You are also allowed to have a salad with some kind of lean meat. The only thing it is really strict about is dairy products. Absolutely no dairy products. We all some kind of minor allergic reaction to dairy. Most common would be bloatness and this cleanse is meant to eliminate that side effect of milk or other dairy product. The cleanse is also designed to give you enough calories for the energy to stay compliant with your training schedule. However I did not train on this cleanse. I trained really hard just before starting the cleanse and was very sore on the first day. Then all that walking around at the fair while holding our 8 month old little girl. So that with very few calories would be considered a workout. With the cleanse you are working with about 600-800 calories depending on how strict you are with it or how much fruit you add to it.

That’s about it. SHAKEOLOGY... I lost 7 pounds in 11 days and then 6 pounds in two days on the cleanse. That is 13 pounds in 14 days! (I used my fingers again) I hope you found my story helpful and good luck with your weight loss journey!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

New Beachbody Product: TurboFire®

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Paying it forward

Since Ive started P90X I cant help but to spread the word about how great this program is. I'm sure people at work and my family are tired of hearing me talk about it. But I'm not going to stop because its stories like the one I'm about to tell you that keep me motivated to help people reach their goals!

I work at a Juvenile facility that takes in teenagers who either are in trouble with the law or have run away from home. So I get a very diverse group of kids every 45 days. I get kids asking me all the time what I do to get into shape and to look good. I tell them that I work out with P90X and most of them are like "Huh? What is that?" So I tell them what it is and then I tell that I'm a coach for Beachbody and help others get fit. From there I start building this relationship with them and they begin their journey to getting into shape.

I had another kid who left just recently and because of his weight loss and his progress he left a copy of the workout under his bed for the next person to use. I was shocked and speechless that he wanted to do that for the next person. Which is the reason Iam posting this. And that brings to me to my next story.

Two weeks ago a new kid came in and he saw me showing a group of guys how to do some push ups. He started asking questions and I started giving answerer's. Before I know it I'm writing down a short version of P90X for them to do. I wrote down all of the push ups and all of the Ab ripper X routine for them. I started talking to him about what he should eat and what he should stay away from. Now since he is at a facility he doesn't have a choice in what he can have to eat. But he can pick and choose how much he eats. Fast forward to now and he has lost 5 lbs and is now able to do most of ab ripper x and is doing great on his push ups. He tells me everyday that he is watching what he eats and is giving away his snacks because he doesn't need the sugar. How awesome is that!

Just last night another kid asked me if he will get into shape if he does the workout I gave to everyone else. I told him of course he would. This guy I'm talking about is very skeptical of everything and likes to set his own path. Usually this path he sets for himself is not a good one. He then asked me if I would let him his room so he could do the workouts by himself so that no one will see him. I couldn't believe what I was hearing from this kid. He has never taken my word for anything good but here he is asking me for help.

If I don't reach out to anymore people I feel accomplished that I have made a difference in someones life. But like I said nothing will stop me from continuing to help make a difference. If your reading this I challenge you to pay it forward. Whether it is in fitness or just giving a kind gesture to someone. What ever you are passionate about tell someone. Be genuine and sincere and they will do the same. Together we can help make this world a better place!

Friday, May 28, 2010

The importance of eating "Clean"

I have been eating clean for about a month now and let me tell you how I can really see and feel the difference. Since I have started this I have lost 13lbs and TWO inches off of my waist! I have never really been that focused on loosing weight since it took me so long to get there but loosing this much is making feel great and more confident!

When I made the decision to eat healthier my weight reached an all time high of 212lbs. Let me remind you again I was not really interested in loosing that much weight. At the time I started I just wanted to loose about 5 maybe 10lbs. I didn't want to be one of those small fit guys. I wanted to turn the fat I had into strong lean muscle.

That was a month ago. Now my goals have changed. I want to be at a more healthy weight for my height. Iam 5'11" so my targeted weight for now is around 190. And if I keep eating like I have been I will get there in no time. Let me tell you how body reacted to this change of lifestyle.

I was an avid Dr. Pepper drinker. Dr. Pepper is my love when it comes to beverages. But one day I ran out of them at home and only had my wife's FUZE drinks. So I decided to drink one with my lunch. I ended up really liking it. Then three days went by and I didn't even notice that I haven't even had a Dr. Pepper. It was time to go to the store and my wife bought more flavors of those FUZE drinks to try and a 12 pack of Dr. Pepper. So I started drinking the FUZE drinks with meals and any other time felt thirsty. Its been 4 weeks since then and today I have had my 2Nd Dr. Pepper out of that pack. Wow it has been a journey.

During this month I made sure that I ate breakfast within about an hour after waking up. I would then workout with P90X and then eat a snack. Usually a good protein bar. Then I would eat lunch before going to work. And on my off days I would stick to the rule of not eating past seven. I noticed that I had more energy throughout the day and craved healthier things. It felt great not feeling like I needed a nap in the middle of the day.

Wednesday 5/26/10:
After my sons graduation started my binge. We went to O'Charlies for supper but it was way too late to eat supper for me since I stuck to not eating past seven. That night I ate sensibly having cedar plank salmon with asparagus. However I ruined it with a Dr. Pepper AND a beer.
Thursday 5/27/10:
The next day I woke up and missed breakfast. I only had a protein bar. Then I missed lunch because we waited on my little girl to wake up. So I opted for another protein bar. So far that day I had not had anything that was real food. Then for supper we went to Pizza Inn where I had another Dr. Pepper. Later that night I had a pounding headache and felt extremely sluggish. So I tried taking a nap and missed my workout. Then I went to bed supper late, and woke up way too early.
Today friday 5/28/10:
We where in a rush this morning so I only had a protein bar for breakfast. I also missed my workout for the second day in a row this morning. My mother then wanted to take us out to eat so we went to her favorite Chinese restaurant. you guessed it I had another Dr. Pepper. Now its time for supper and I want something that is quick and easy. So I had a Digorno pizza. and now I feel like I need a nap.

So after all of this I can personally say that starting your day off right makes a difference in how your body responds throughout the day. On the days I missed breakfast I ended up missing my workouts, craved bad foods for lunch and supper, and I felt sluggish throughout the day. And you cant forget my craving for Dr. Pepper came back.

I highly encourage you to start eating healthy today if you want good results. Now I'm not saying to put yourself on a diet. I wouldn't even dare consider this a diet, because diets usually fail. I have proved to myself that I can eat what I want and loose weight. When I say that ate healthy on those days. That meant that I did not go out to eat, I did not have fast food, but I did eat very good meals that YOU can find at your grocery store that is healthy and tastes great. My wife and I fixed those TGI Friday stir frys. The Cajun chicken and shrimp is my favorite. We also had other stir fys that taste great too. Just look through your freezer section and pick ones that you think you might like. Most of them are pretty healthy and fill you up just enough to get you to the snack. Now let me give you the schedule that worked for me.

8:30am wake up & take son to school
9:40am Eat breakfast (I had a peanut butter & jelly sandwich)
10:30am workout
12:00pm End of workout, snack (protein bar)
12:30pm Lunch
1:40pm off to work
3:50pm Snack
5:20pm Supper
7:50pm Snack
11:15Pm home
12-100 Bed

Now this is the schedule that worked for me. Of course everyone has a different lifestyle so you will have to modify this for yourself. The most important thing is that you just pay attention to your body and eat when you feel hungry.

As long as you stick something close to that you will see results fast! My first month with working out only with P90X and not changing my eating habits I did not loose a pound. Nor did I really see the results I wanted. I have now lost 13lbs and 2inches off of my waist just by changing my eating habits!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Original P90X Vs Ebay copies or burned copies

I was reading a post on one of my friends facebook pages and it hit right at home to me. When I was looking to purchasing P90X I could not afford the full price of $120.00 So after searching my wife found what she thought was good deal on Ebay for $60.00 from a place out of china. when it arrived it came with everything or so I thought.

One of my friends also bought P90x the same month I did. However he chose to spend the $120.00. He got all of the online support and motivation and I was just left in the water drown. After about a month of working out with it I started to go into the next phase and when I put in the Chest, Shoulders and Triceps DVD it did not work. So I then decided to check all of the DVDs. The Kenpo Cardio X did not work properly and the two bonus workouts that are on the "Learn how to bring it" DVD was not even there. Again I was furious and it was too late to send it back.

So after all of that it left me confused and well lets just say mad I started really researching P90X. I went to the main web site and found the business that published P90X. That company was Beachbody. I then found all of that online support that my friend was talking about. So I created a profile that was completely free, and found all of the wonderful things that Beachbody had to offer. I was then assigned a coach. If I had bought P90X from the main web site then I would have access to all that right away! that was when I found out that Beachbody CEO Carl Daikler could have gone to retail stores to sell the products to a more wide spread consumer. But instead he decided to give people an opportunity to make money and get fit with the programs they use. He created Team Beachbody. So When a customer orders a product from the company they are assigned a coach. And from there that person will get all the help and support they need to reach their goals.

I started getting back into working out with the motivation from Team Beachbody. After about two months of working out I was encouraged to become a coach. I knew that this is what I wanted to do right away. I knew that this could be my way of reaching out and doing my little part to help change the world.

So If you are looking to buy P90X or Insanity Or any other Beachbody product I highly recommend you buy from a coach or at least from the main website. Don’t short hand yourself like I did. Don’t waste money like I did. You will not get the quality of product or that help and support you need to reach the goals you want with any other company or from buying off of Ebay or Amazon. As A coach Iam not allowed to burn or sell through Ebay of Amazon. So DO NOT believe those other websites that claim they are licensed seller of P90X. They don’t exist. the only way you can buy a Beachbody product is through Infomercials, the main website or from a coach. Yes it may be a little more expensive but the pay off is so much better. and you will given the opportunity to help other people reach their goals.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Tonys 10 min Crusher Pack

Video Libraryyou

Check out tonys one on one series. Its just you and tony. It cant get more personal than this without actually being there!!