Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Original P90X Vs Ebay copies or burned copies

I was reading a post on one of my friends facebook pages and it hit right at home to me. When I was looking to purchasing P90X I could not afford the full price of $120.00 So after searching my wife found what she thought was good deal on Ebay for $60.00 from a place out of china. when it arrived it came with everything or so I thought.

One of my friends also bought P90x the same month I did. However he chose to spend the $120.00. He got all of the online support and motivation and I was just left in the water drown. After about a month of working out with it I started to go into the next phase and when I put in the Chest, Shoulders and Triceps DVD it did not work. So I then decided to check all of the DVDs. The Kenpo Cardio X did not work properly and the two bonus workouts that are on the "Learn how to bring it" DVD was not even there. Again I was furious and it was too late to send it back.

So after all of that it left me confused and well lets just say mad I started really researching P90X. I went to the main web site and found the business that published P90X. That company was Beachbody. I then found all of that online support that my friend was talking about. So I created a profile that was completely free, and found all of the wonderful things that Beachbody had to offer. I was then assigned a coach. If I had bought P90X from the main web site then I would have access to all that right away! that was when I found out that Beachbody CEO Carl Daikler could have gone to retail stores to sell the products to a more wide spread consumer. But instead he decided to give people an opportunity to make money and get fit with the programs they use. He created Team Beachbody. So When a customer orders a product from the company they are assigned a coach. And from there that person will get all the help and support they need to reach their goals.

I started getting back into working out with the motivation from Team Beachbody. After about two months of working out I was encouraged to become a coach. I knew that this is what I wanted to do right away. I knew that this could be my way of reaching out and doing my little part to help change the world.

So If you are looking to buy P90X or Insanity Or any other Beachbody product I highly recommend you buy from a coach or at least from the main website. Don’t short hand yourself like I did. Don’t waste money like I did. You will not get the quality of product or that help and support you need to reach the goals you want with any other company or from buying off of Ebay or Amazon. As A coach Iam not allowed to burn or sell through Ebay of Amazon. So DO NOT believe those other websites that claim they are licensed seller of P90X. They don’t exist. the only way you can buy a Beachbody product is through Infomercials, the main website or from a coach. Yes it may be a little more expensive but the pay off is so much better. and you will given the opportunity to help other people reach their goals.

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