Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My story

Two years ago I concidered myself pretty healthy and on my way to being what I would concider "fit". I was at my targeted weight which was around 195 and I was looking pretty good. No gut, Nice arms and I was pretty strong for working out everyday for two hours.

Then one day while riding my bike I was ran off the road by someone who was not paying attention. I had to have an emergency sergery on my left wrist due to a broken Scafoid bone (that is the small joint bone that controlls most of the movement your wrist). After a little more than 3 months of being in a cast and not having the motivation to workout for being on pain meds, I had gained 15 more pounds and loosing 65% of movement in my left hand. I lost most of everything I worked so hard for.

Now Im ready to get back into the game and change something about my life, and with the help of Tony Horton and P90X Im going to achieve what I want. So far I have lost 10lbs of weight and I have gained a full inch in my arms! Starting to see changes in my gut. No abs yet but I can feel them wanting show under a layer of fat.

Let me tell you a little bit about my struggles with P90X. P90X is NOT for the faint of heart. You have to be dedicated to the program to see results. But if you do what you can and forget the rest you will get where you want to be. I started out at 210lbs. After 30 days into ti I lost and inch around my waist and gained an inch in my arms, and gained a half an inch around my chest. However during the recovery week of the first month I did not drink enough water one day and ended up pulling my groin. Talking about very painful. So I decided to take a break in order to heal. That turned into a week and a half before I felt good enogh to start back with it. Then my wife had our precious little girl! So you can imagine what happened to my workouts then. With little sleep it was hard to get motivated to get back on.

So with that said I have only completed a full 30 days of P90X. Now since my little girl is starting to get into a regular nap schedual. Im staring back with the workouts. And Now Iam a Beachbody coach so I feel more obligated to stay compliant with the program. Im changing the way I eat and cutting back on my Dr. Pepper. I never once thought I could keep myself from drinking my beloved drink but all of that sugar isnt going to help get the results I want.

If you want to join me in reaching my goals or if you are unhappy with the way you look, wether you want to loose just 5lbs for the summer or you need to loose a lot of weight I will help you get there. Beachbody has a program for everyone out there so dont be affraid. No gym memberships, and best of all no one will have to see you workout. I know that feeling. You walk into that gym for the first day and you feel that everyone is staring at you thiking 'why is he in here?' Well let me tell you, everyone has their starting points. But you can get the results you want in YOUR own living room on YOUR time. Then go back to that gym when you have reached your goals and people will be asking you what you did to look so good!

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