Friday, May 28, 2010

The importance of eating "Clean"

I have been eating clean for about a month now and let me tell you how I can really see and feel the difference. Since I have started this I have lost 13lbs and TWO inches off of my waist! I have never really been that focused on loosing weight since it took me so long to get there but loosing this much is making feel great and more confident!

When I made the decision to eat healthier my weight reached an all time high of 212lbs. Let me remind you again I was not really interested in loosing that much weight. At the time I started I just wanted to loose about 5 maybe 10lbs. I didn't want to be one of those small fit guys. I wanted to turn the fat I had into strong lean muscle.

That was a month ago. Now my goals have changed. I want to be at a more healthy weight for my height. Iam 5'11" so my targeted weight for now is around 190. And if I keep eating like I have been I will get there in no time. Let me tell you how body reacted to this change of lifestyle.

I was an avid Dr. Pepper drinker. Dr. Pepper is my love when it comes to beverages. But one day I ran out of them at home and only had my wife's FUZE drinks. So I decided to drink one with my lunch. I ended up really liking it. Then three days went by and I didn't even notice that I haven't even had a Dr. Pepper. It was time to go to the store and my wife bought more flavors of those FUZE drinks to try and a 12 pack of Dr. Pepper. So I started drinking the FUZE drinks with meals and any other time felt thirsty. Its been 4 weeks since then and today I have had my 2Nd Dr. Pepper out of that pack. Wow it has been a journey.

During this month I made sure that I ate breakfast within about an hour after waking up. I would then workout with P90X and then eat a snack. Usually a good protein bar. Then I would eat lunch before going to work. And on my off days I would stick to the rule of not eating past seven. I noticed that I had more energy throughout the day and craved healthier things. It felt great not feeling like I needed a nap in the middle of the day.

Wednesday 5/26/10:
After my sons graduation started my binge. We went to O'Charlies for supper but it was way too late to eat supper for me since I stuck to not eating past seven. That night I ate sensibly having cedar plank salmon with asparagus. However I ruined it with a Dr. Pepper AND a beer.
Thursday 5/27/10:
The next day I woke up and missed breakfast. I only had a protein bar. Then I missed lunch because we waited on my little girl to wake up. So I opted for another protein bar. So far that day I had not had anything that was real food. Then for supper we went to Pizza Inn where I had another Dr. Pepper. Later that night I had a pounding headache and felt extremely sluggish. So I tried taking a nap and missed my workout. Then I went to bed supper late, and woke up way too early.
Today friday 5/28/10:
We where in a rush this morning so I only had a protein bar for breakfast. I also missed my workout for the second day in a row this morning. My mother then wanted to take us out to eat so we went to her favorite Chinese restaurant. you guessed it I had another Dr. Pepper. Now its time for supper and I want something that is quick and easy. So I had a Digorno pizza. and now I feel like I need a nap.

So after all of this I can personally say that starting your day off right makes a difference in how your body responds throughout the day. On the days I missed breakfast I ended up missing my workouts, craved bad foods for lunch and supper, and I felt sluggish throughout the day. And you cant forget my craving for Dr. Pepper came back.

I highly encourage you to start eating healthy today if you want good results. Now I'm not saying to put yourself on a diet. I wouldn't even dare consider this a diet, because diets usually fail. I have proved to myself that I can eat what I want and loose weight. When I say that ate healthy on those days. That meant that I did not go out to eat, I did not have fast food, but I did eat very good meals that YOU can find at your grocery store that is healthy and tastes great. My wife and I fixed those TGI Friday stir frys. The Cajun chicken and shrimp is my favorite. We also had other stir fys that taste great too. Just look through your freezer section and pick ones that you think you might like. Most of them are pretty healthy and fill you up just enough to get you to the snack. Now let me give you the schedule that worked for me.

8:30am wake up & take son to school
9:40am Eat breakfast (I had a peanut butter & jelly sandwich)
10:30am workout
12:00pm End of workout, snack (protein bar)
12:30pm Lunch
1:40pm off to work
3:50pm Snack
5:20pm Supper
7:50pm Snack
11:15Pm home
12-100 Bed

Now this is the schedule that worked for me. Of course everyone has a different lifestyle so you will have to modify this for yourself. The most important thing is that you just pay attention to your body and eat when you feel hungry.

As long as you stick something close to that you will see results fast! My first month with working out only with P90X and not changing my eating habits I did not loose a pound. Nor did I really see the results I wanted. I have now lost 13lbs and 2inches off of my waist just by changing my eating habits!

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